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Urilla Sutherland

In late 1869 Wyatt meets a young gal by the name of Urilla Sutherland (born 1849 - died 1870) a local woman of Lamar Missouri. She is rosey cheeked and dark haired. Daughter of James Sutherland a hotel owner in Lamar Missouri. Wyatt marries Urilla Sutherland between December of 1869 and January 24th 1870. One record indicates that it was January 24th. 1870 as signed by Nicholas Porter Earp (Wyatts father) who performed the marriage as he was justice of the peace who had the authority to do so.

To this day I do not understand why there seems to be a mix up on the exact date of their marriage but none the less most authors and historians seem to agree that it happened close to either of these dates.

Less than a year later Urilla Sutherland dies in child birth. The circumstances are not clear but some say due to typhoid. Both wife and child are lost in childbirth.

On a foot note:    This seems to be the only actual record of Wyatt Earp ever being legally married. There appears to be no court records or marriage licenses for his second and third wives, reasons unknown.

Urilla Sutherland died at age 21.

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